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Return and Refund Policy

Everest Beads is the customer-oriented organization whose goal is to ensure the complete contentment of our valued customer. We have maintained our eminence reputation for all these years by supplying the whole world with energized, fully natural, premium quality, and authentic Nepali Rudraksha. Our strong relationship with local and global clients has established a robust foothold in the Rudraksha market and earned us unwavering and unparalleled trust, amicability, credibility, reputation, and respect. Ever since Everest Beads commence its footstep in the market, we have been always busy setting utmost commitment, sincerity, devotion, and extreme care into the foreground whenever our valued customers need us. Our expert team deliberately scrutinizes and calculate the authenticity of the beads in terms of its shape, size, color, texture, defects, and so on. With such a meticulous inspection and heedful about premium quality, our customers thoroughly enjoy the beauty of our product with no turning back for refund or exchange.

Despite such a matter of trust, there may be circumstances where our customer has to return our product due to various reasons. Sometimes, the color context of photography shown on the website couldn’t match the real color of the bead, or there may be other reasons related to the dissatisfaction of customers with the quality or authenticity of products.  To ensure the good harmony among us, Everest Beads will provide return or exchange and refund as per its own policies within the 10 days from the date of receipt if the following criteria will be met.

    • ·         You have to provide a transparent and valid reason why you would like to do this in our email address before return or exchange.
    • ·         Refunds are only possible if the items sold are not damaged, manipulated, or changed in any manner visible to the human eye and should be in pristine form.
    • ·         Once your return or exchange request has been reviewed by us, you can then initiate a return of your package as per the guidelines given by our customer care team.
    • ·     The purchased items should be returned to our company within the 10 days from the reception date by the customer. If they want to return or exchange it after 10 days, Everest Beads won’t accept that item.
    • ·         The customer should have to return the complete package along with the receipt bill and any gifts provided.
    • ·         The shipping charge, delivery charges, or courier charges should have to be taken care of by the customer himself/herself.
    • ·         Once we receive a complete product in our company, then the refund process will be initiated.


As we know that refunds are dependent upon the meticulous examination and sometimes processing can take for a long time. When the product meets all the criteria of our standard norms, we will refund your amount based upon our policy.


Please send us your request regarding refund and return in our email address at contact@everestbeads.com. We are not liable for the damaged, lost, and broken piece of product and won’t refund for such a damaged one. We highly suggest you for choosing a reliable courier or shipping service.