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 The Ganesh Rudraksha has protrusion or elevation of a mukhi on its body similar to the trunk of the elephant and the one which represents the iconographic form of Lord Ganesh. It is the divine form of Lord Ganesh, also renowned as the ‘Bighna Harta’ or remover of the obstacles. Lord Ganesh is regarded as the god of knowledge, intellect, wisdom, and success and empowered with the first deity to be worshipped before starting any auspicious occasion. The Ganesh Rudraksha has received a matter of great interest from the mass of the multiple generations due to its mystic power people have experienced for a long time. As we know that, the Rudraksha having eight and eleven mukhi is considerably higher in prices than other beads and this is the alternatives of these beads having cheaper with a premium quality bead. All the significant blessings of Lord Ganesh are effectively bestowed to the wearer equivalent to the energy of eight or eleven mukhi.


Fig: - Lord Ganesh

Alternatively, Ganesh Rudraksha is auspiciously affixed in a Siddha mala along with other beads to assemble and make a number up to 27 beads because 1 to 14 mukhi beads will require 13 Ganesh Rudraksha. Moreover, this bead is used to make a divine rosary known as ‘Kantha’, where 32 number of Ganesh Rudraksha are collectively coalesced to build it. People normally kept it in their puja room or wear it in the neck to get protected from any kind of inauspicious/unexpected event and very difficult obstacles in their life. The worshipper of this bead gets adorned with the placid and composed mind that helps to acquire a momentous life that remained in the state of calm and self-possessed. Good luck and fortune always stays by his/her side and make him/her a life full of prosperity, happiness, and healthier. 

The Ganesh Rudraksha not only showers his divine power to the worshipper but also showered by Lord Shiva and Lord Parvati. The worshipper of this bead can feel the maximum power of benefits, especially for academically involved people or students.  The obstacles, challenges, difficulties are grown to be a matter of great opportunities for whatever new project the wearer starts in their life. The more they win over their senses, their banal life will be turned out to be a glamorous one through the extension of a series of benefits. Many experts have highlighted this mystic bead to be possessed with a high level of medicinal characteristics as well. So, we are providing authentic Ganesh Rudraksha of premium quality that is grown in the lap of the Himalayan range in their natural state.  

 Beej Mantra: -

The mantra to be recited for the Ganesh Rudraksha according to the Holy Scriptures are: 

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra


Om Namah Shivaya 

Ruling deity: - Lord Ganesh

Ruling Planet: - None 

General Benefits

As per Hindu epics, Lord Ganesh is regarded as the principal deity of Hinduism which is powered with the divine energy to remove any hindrances, challenges, difficulties from a person’s life and the god of a novel beginning as well as the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors. The wearer will be bestowed with the sharp intellectual power that rectifies the concentration power, sharp mind, and improves writing skills. The bad luck, anger, negativity, evil forces all are washed away from the wearer’s life and showered with all worldly comfort. It inspires a positive trail for the wearer and showers all the abundance, Riddhi, and Siddhi in every sphere of life. Spirituality, mental, physical, and materialistic power comes as an ultimate part of blessing when a person worships this bead with high veneration. It’s a great power for those people who always face Obstacles, new challenges, and hurdles in whatever they do or start to do in any field of Life and able to achieve success.

Spiritual Benefits

Spiritually, the right hand of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Ganesh are always jointly placed over the head of the wearer and bestows their divine blessings and grace.  It imprisons menacing events, locks up all the bad Karma, and thrives more positivity of the wearer and made him feel like a life full of rejoicing.  


Medicinal Benefits

Anxiety and depression have been the great challenge of this era although people are materialistically profuse and this psychological behavior is likely to present generation to commit their suicide. Hence, Ganesh Rudraksha is the best talisman to tackle these issues and made them happy and contended. The power of focus and memory power enhancement can be reinforced for their creative skills. Moreover, it is also recommended for people who suffer from heart problems, headaches and eye health problems. 

Who should wear it?

This Rudraksha is an ideal tool for a person to start a new discipline of their career, project, business, and other career-related subjects. A high ambitious person who desires name, fame, and leadership qualities should wear this mystic power and is advantageous for businessmen, investors, stockers, etc.

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