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A bracelet is the continuous arrangement of the Rudraksha beads in a chain, where different combinations can be made of few beads threaded or capped together with some metals and tied around the arms and wrists. In the case of the combination, one must wear bracelets having a minimum of 3 beads whereas in most the total number of 11 Rudrakshas must be worn around the arms and wrists. As per Shrimatdevi Bhagwat, if a person wears a Rudraksha bracelet in the arm, he/she will be blessed with one Lakh Koti times the fruit and if one wears Rudraksha on his waist, he/she will be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. It was said that one should wear sixteen number of Rudrakshas in each arm, twelve in each wrist, and fifty on shoulders. According to the Shiva Puran, Eleven Rudrakshas shall be worn around each of the arms, elbows, and wrists. The person who wears Rudraksha bracelet in hands and arms cannot be killed by any living being and shall roam in the form of Rudra. Normally, Rudraksha bracelets are specially designed in hundreds of different format to wear it for every age groups. A wide range of bracelets made from Rudraksha beads offers the myriad number of benefits of fame, wealth, health, and happiness. Wearing Rudraksha bracelet in the hand blesses the wearer with an increase in personal power and confidence to face all the situations.
Scientifically, Rudraksha falls under the genus of Elaeocarpus with more than 360 species distributed in subtropical and tropical regions of the world such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Bhutan, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, northern parts of Australia, Japan, etc. But, as per the ancient texts, the criteria for its shape and size, structure, its nature is exactly met by the divine Rudraksha beads found in Nepal. In the late nineteenth century, the famous botanist, Dr. William Roxburgh, has classified the most popular variety of these beads and concluded that the Rudraksha beads found in Nepal have matched the broad specifications found in our Ancient Scriptures. The Sadhguru told that the best quality of the Rudraksha bead is found in the certain altitude of the Himalayan region due to harmonious soil, atmosphere, and everything found in that region. Although there are multifarious books available in the market about the availability of the Rudraksha in different countries, these things are just a part of the myth. In the present scenario, the genuine quality of the Rudraksha beads are only found within a certain area of Nepal and the beads grown from these lands are supplied all over the World through different dealers. Unexpectedly, there might be an occurrence of few Rudraksha trees grown in other parts of the world but it is just a part of unusual things due to various reasons. But, all the global demand of genuine Rudraksha beads are fulfilled from the country of living tantric body, Nepal.
As per Shiva Puran, Rudraksha beads are found in four different colors as per the Varna system. These are found in white, red, yellow, and black classified for Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Sudras respectively. But practically Rudraksha beads are found in various mixed colors and overlapped shaded colors depending upon the different environmental conditions, geographic location, maturity level, and types of the beads. There are no standards of color to classify Rudraksha beads and hence, experienced many practical difficulties. Scientifically, there is no research journals and scientific studies classified according to the color. All the colors of the Rudraksha beads when worn by the person slowly turns into black or deep brown color after four or five months. It happens from various environmental factors, body sweat, reaction with body, and oil. It has been also found that Rudraksha beads if worn regularly without getting contact with body oil and water have been turned into brown-red in color. Hence, all the Rudraksha beads of any color have the same quality, impact, and benefits regardless of Varna, and categorization based upon the color is best ignored. Puranic explanation of the ethnic categorization for Rudraksha color is based upon different ideology which does not properly apply to the current situation. Those who would like to follow the instruction given in our Puran may continue to do so as per their choice of ideology.
Rudraksha beads have drawn attention and attracted many people across the world due to the discovery of its mystical value. Apart from the religious persons, it has been highly revered by the different professional persons that vary from artisans, academicians, businessmen, housewives, researchers, celebrities to politicians. It is highly worshipped and worn by the above-mentioned personals to achieve everlasting wealth and prosperity, resilient health, success at peak level, the sum of vast knowledge, etc. Long ago, it had become a matter of faith for certain religions but nowadays it has earned its popularity due to organized scientific studies and assessing its medicinal or healing properties. According to the scriptures, there is no restriction for wearing Rudraksha beads by any religion, caste, country, sex, or any age group. The genuine Rudraksha beads grown in the trees are the precious gift of Lord Shiva for the entire mankind and anyone can wear it if they have belief and respect in this bead. It is the divine talisman to pacify human problems and difficulties spiritually, astrologically, and medicinally who can perceive the significance and power of this mystic beads. Hence, people who are suffering in their daily life and wants to bring success, good luck, and prosperity in their career and business, achieve name, fame and wealth in their profession should wear this bead with deep reverence. Furthermore, it brings the heaps of mountainous benefits in terms of the spiritual realm for people following the spiritual path. Therefore, it has crossed all the boundaries of human categorization and stands as the Rudraksha for all.
Everest Beads is the only vendor in the world having own farm of Rudraksha and also renowned seller with high reputation. We do provide Certificate of Authenticity alongside life time guarantee on Authenticity of the Rudraksha Provided.