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About us

Everest beads Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor of genuine, divine, and premium quality of Nepalese Rudraksha located at Divya Nagar, Kumarigal-6, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal. We rooted in a legacy of over 44 years and we are  authorized distributor of authentic Nepalese Rudraksha. Founded in Dingla Bhojpur by our grandfather, Bom Bahadur Gc, our journey is steeped in spiritual dedication. Our patriarch cultivated the original Rudraksha forest, spreading its significance globally. In memory of our esteemed grandfather, Shrii Rudraksheswor Shiva Temple was erected, surrounded by Rudraksha forest. Rakshan Gc, the visionary grandson, launched Everest Beads as an e-commerce platform to disseminate authentic knowledge about Rudraksha's profound benefits.


  1. We are dedicated to instruct and aware people globally about the benefits of Rudraksha beads, by elucidating any doubts of mind, in terms of spiritual, materialistic, medicinal and astrological aspects based upon our Holy Scriptures and scientific evidence.
  2. Everest beads is raising human consciousness in exploring the ancient science of maintaining peace and harmony by wearing Rudraksha mala in all its depth and dimensions.
  3. Driven by its strong growth, genuine and quality product as well as operational efficiency, it has set an ambition to establish a grand worldwide presence by becoming the world’s successful organization for the largest collection of Nepali Rudraksha.
  4. To supply original Nepalese Rudraksha at reasonable prices so that they can be afforded by every common people.