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About us

 Everest beads Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor of genuine, divine, and premium quality of Nepalese Rudraksha located at Divya Nagar, Kumarigal-6, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal. It has been established more than 44 years ago by our respected grandfather Bom Bahadur Gc at Dingla Bhojpur which is the birthplace of Bala Guru Shadanand. The practice of breeding genuine Rudraksha as mentioned in our Vedic Scripture was first followed by our respected Bala Guru Shadanand. Since then, the forest of original Rudraksha was densely cultivated here and carries a huge significance associated with religious and social daily needs. This is due to this fact, Bhojpur is regarded as the heart of Rudraksha among other places of Nepal. Our grandfather is the passionate devotee of our respected Bala Guru Shadanand since his early age and chooses to follow his vision, dream, and future at the footprint laid by our Guru through spiritual and religious enlightenment.  To educate, promote and supply the best quality of Nepal Rudraksha, he mastered the knowledge of Rudraksha and its various aspect from his young age as shown by our Guru and planted original beads similar to the one commenced by Bala Guru Shadanand. Once he achieves the complete knowledge of Rudraksha as founded by our Guru who has mastered all the Vedas, Shastras, Upanishads, etc. He used to perform all the religious practice of Rudraksha to energize it and distribute among the people for their well-being. The network of supplying original beads and teaching about the benefits of Rudraksha was not only limited within this country but he established it in the global market as well. Altogether he had altruistically tutored about the significance of Rudraksha in human life according to Vedic literature among the people from different parts of the world such as India, China, Thailand, etc.

Later, this responsibility was beared by my father Ek Bahadur Gc, the son of Bom Bahadur Gc (our grandfather), to advocate and spread the dreams of our Grandfather, ‘Rudraksha for all’.  From a very young age, Mr. Ek Bahadur Gc (our father) got actively involved in various aspects of Rudraksha such as plantation, nourishment, energization, and distribution of this bead. Taught by our Grandfather in its full depth and dimension, Mr. Gc has well equipped with all the necessary knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads as well as expertise on Rudraksha and the best method one must select, use and gain maximum benefits out of a Rudraksha bead. Dreaming high, Mr. Gc has founded a private institution in Kathmandu known as ‘Mulpani Rudraksha Store Pvt. Ltd.’ and created a strong supply network all over the country as well as in the global market. The satisfied clients from the diversified worldwide network in various countries such as China, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc. have encouraged him to cultivate more Rudraksha trees in Bhojpur that made it possible to discover the rarest and genuine Rudraksha beads. In memory of our esteemed Grandfather, Mr. Gc has constructed the Shiva temple known as ‘Shrii Rudraksheswor Shiva Temple’ situated at the Chiuribote, Koshi, Nepal which is beautifully surrounded by Rudraksha forest. Our company executes 'Rudraavishek' at this temple in the first place after collecting it from our farm and later performs energization according to the traditional fashion in Lord Pashupatinath Temple.


The young grandson, Rakshan Gc, has been grown up in the modern sophisticated environment of Technology who has dreamed, since an early age, that the only way to promote, instruct, and supply about the benefits of Rudraksha for humankind by removing any doubts can happen through the technology-oriented medium. Since his young age, it used to sadden him to explore that the facts and myths of Rudraksha beads, on the internet, have been exploited by people for their own commercial benefits. Realizing his effort, he planned to get involved in the family business and launched Everest Beads Pvt. Ltd. as an e-commerce store to elucidate and enlighten about the power of genuine Rudraksha as well as the actual practice of wearing, selecting, energizing to heal and empower themselves. To fulfill this dream, the entrepreneur Mr. Gc has created a core team of highly experienced, dynamic, and enthusiast members along with the Guru, Purohits, Vedic scholars who are experts in this field. Although, Everest Beads is totally new in an online platform, we have a robust profile and bunch of huge experience in this sector for more than 44 years. The company has depth knowledge of Rudraksha products and has almost every product available in our inventory to fulfill your product desire. With an extensive reach to global markets, it has already defined its distribution with a widespread network that has marked to enormous leap of success.


Mission and Value

Awareness of this mystic bead among people, growth, and widespread network comes from the innovation of technology. If you are looking for an exciting business opportunity in Nepal, we are always open to energetic and enthusiastic people to share our business values.



  1. We are dedicated to instruct and aware people globally about the benefits of Rudraksha beads, by elucidating any doubts of mind, in terms of spiritual, materialistic, medicinal and astrological aspects based upon our Holy Scriptures and scientific evidence.
  2. Everest beads is raising human consciousness in exploring the ancient science of maintaining peace and harmony by wearing Rudraksha mala in all its depth and dimensions.
  3. Driven by its strong growth, genuine and quality product as well as operational efficiency, it has set an ambition to establish a grand worldwide presence by becoming the world’s successful organization for the largest collection of Nepali Rudraksha.
  4. To supply original Nepalese Rudraksha at reasonable prices so that they can be afforded by every common people.
  5. To continuously boost the knowledge of Rudraksha by promoting more research works and scientific methods to discover. 


The core Values of the Everest Beads reflects who we are and why we are standing for.

    1. Commitment towards customer to deliver our genuine products.
    2. Seeking and reflecting quality in our every product through different verification process in the Lab.
    3. Highly satisfied clients and customers.
    4. The most competitive pricing for each genuine beads.