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 Narayan Kavach is the armor of Lord Mahavishnu made from the ten beads of 10 mukhi Rudraksha and one bead of 1 mukhi Rudraksha to protect ourselves from our enemies seen and unseen. It is strongly jointed together by using resilient threads with knots in between the Rudraksha.  It is the absolute blessings of Lord Naryana (the preserver of the entire universe) that showers the eternal success, protection, immense peace and prosperity to the wearer. This Kavach represents the ten directions because of this all the sins incurred by the ten human organs are washed away.  The power of 10 mukhi Rudraksha is enriched with the power of Dash Maha Vidya (10 incarnations) and protects person from any kind of black magic, evil eyes, untimely death etc. Astrologically, it pacifies all the malefic effects of 9 planets and removes negative energies related to (Vastu faults) directional faults. It is highly regarded for the people following the path of business or private/public service, devotees of Lord Narayana, those in legal disputes or facing malefic effects of planets.

Benefits of wearing Narayan Kavach:

It is the impregnable armor to ward off many negativity factors such as evil eyes, unfair competitions, negativity, jealousy, black magic etc. 

Those people who couldn’t take a solid and right decision in their life should wear this mala (rosaries) to move towards fruitful direction.

It pacifies the person facing a short temperament issue and provides a mind full of peacefulness. 

Since Lord Vishnu showers all the divine blessing, hence, provides redemption from the Pitra Dosha. 

Narayan Kavach stands as the pillar of success and victory against court cases, litigation and nullifies all the negative effect of the nine planets. 

Hence, it is regarded as the power of success in day to day life. 


As per Vedic Scripture, it should be made from the ten beads of 10 mukhi Nepalese variety and one bead of 1 mukhi Rudraksha, normally tightened together by using silver caps or strong threads. 

Size of 10 Mukhi Rudraksha: 10 - 13 mm approx.

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