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General Company Policy

Everest Beads Pvt. Ltd. is the best company of topnotch Nepalese Rudraksha for securing a happier, healthier, and wealthier life of individuals. To distribute our premium products through online medium, we have own General Rules hereby introduced to regulate the behavior and protect the legitimate rights and interests, of buyer and sellers. All the methods, Yantras, Mantras, benefits, etc. are enumerated based on Vedas, Shastras, and scrupulous testimonials of experts.  These rules are listed below:

  1. All the Rudraksha and rosaries in Everest Beads are capped by silver or gold or cotton thread. Hence, Everest Beads is not accountable for any sufferings if a person faces various kinds of problems such as skin infection, skin allergies, skin rash, or any kind of physical pain while wearing Rudraksha.
  2. Generally, you won't face these kind of issues but in exceptional case, if your order is imposed with a charge or any duty or tax by the Customs Authority of your country, you will be responsible or billed for this extra charge. In another way, any Custom duties, or other duties levied by the concerned authorities of the recipient country are to be taken care of by the receiver himself/herself.
  3. Everest Beads won’t be responsible for the detrimental effects or any unfavorable effects of corrective measures and should be used as per their own choice and judgment.
  4. Everest Beads has always certified its product but not accountable for its effect.
  5. Though there are several enumerations about the number of health benefits in Vedic Scriptures and the number of research done in various laboratories has verified, the Everest Beads is not responsible for curing diseases because it’s an alternative therapy or medication continued based on Vedas and Puranas. You as a customer should decide whether to buy or not at your freedom of choice.
  6. It shall be your liability if you choose our product, service, or information through our website to meet your desired necessity.