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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

Saptavaktro maheshani hyanango nama namatah |

Dharanattasya deveshi daridropishvaro bhawet || 72 ||

Source: - Shiva Mahapuran (Vidyesvara-samhita chapter 25)

Hey, Parvati the seven faced Rudraksha is the form of the Ananga. Even a very poor person becomes a great lord by wearing this type of Rudraksha.

The seven mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by the seven Martrikas (seven mothers), Sun, Saptarishis (great sages), Mahasen (Kartikeya), Anang (Kamdev), Ananta (Basuki, the king of the snake) and Nagrata (the king of Nagraja).  Most importantly, it is regarded as the Rudraksha blessed by the Ananta, the supreme god of gods who is formless and dimensionless. It also represents the goddess Laxmi in her most stable form and brings limitless wealth, respectable fame, relentless success, and removes bad luck. The Goddess Mahalaxmi, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good luck.

As per the Brahma Puran, the universe is made by the Lord Brahma but himself created from the naval of the Lord Vishnu. According to the wish of Lord Shiva, the Lord Vishnu created the lotus flower from his naval which was big with multi-stem beautifully structured having yellow flower called as Kaneer flower. Then, Lord Shiva created Brahma inside a flower also known as Hiranyagarbha who took birth from the Lotus. The four-headed Hiranyagarbh wanted to know more about himself and moved deep inside a stem to find its origin for 100 divine years. His persistence movement didn’t lead him to its origin and Lord Shiva advised him to meditate for this curiosity. After the industrious penance for the 12 divine years, the Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him. But, they went into a big argument about their superiority and suddenly Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga (phallus with an aura) before them. The Lord Shiva told them that they possess a great amount of power and extensive knowledge but couldn’t find out the initial and final point of this universe. That’s how the story of Ananta or dimensionless is established. 

Fig: - Goddess Mahalaxmi

As per Padma Puran, the seven snakes reside in this type of Rudraksha namely as Anant, Karkat, Pundareek, Takshak, Vashoshiban, Karoash, and Shakhchud. It is due to this reason that the wearer of this pious bead gets freed from all kinds of poisoning. The bad deeds and sins related to theft, drug abuse, excessive adultery, crimes cleaned up by this bead. Because of its correlation with Saptamatrikas (seven mothers), it is considered to be highly blessed by the goddess Mahalaxmi. The seven mothers are as follows: Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Vaaraahee, Indranee, and Chamundaa. As the Devas and Asuras, both sought immortality and decided to churn the ocean with a mountain, known as “Samundramanthan”. Along with many divine celestial objects, the goddess Laxmi came out and chose Lord Vishnu as her consort and resides in the Vaikuntha.  In Mahabharata (epics of Hinduism), Goddess Lakshmi is embodied as the abundance of wealth, richness, contentment, grace, charm, and splendor. 

As per Jabalopanishad, this type of bead represents Sapta Brahmi or Sapta Rishi (seven great sages created by Lord Brahma from his head) and provides prosperity and good health. In each cycle of the universe, there are different Sapta rishis and are visible in the sky, similar to seven stars in the constellation, known as Sapta Rishi ok. Those religious people who would perform daily rituals along with the Gayatri mantra will be placed in this Lok. It is due to various blessings from the ruling deities with divine principles, the wearer gets a large bunch of benefits.

The ruling planet of this type of the bead is Saturn, and if one chooses to wear it nullifies its bad effects. In Matsya Puran, the Saturn in human form is depicted as the ‘dark-complexioned deity’ with the band (rope to punish sinner) in one hand and known as the rugged master. He allocates hard punishment as per one’s deed at the period of Sade Sati and soothes one’s who performs good Karma. A person who prefers this bead can find unexpected hidden treasures, get good attention from the opposite sex, and enemies get faded away. For the better auspiciousness and contentment, find out the round and big Nepalese pure variety that embark new doors for most awaited opportunities.

Beej Mantra: -

The mantra to be recited for the seven mukhi Rudraksha according to the Holy Scripture are:

Om Hum Namaha (Shiva Puran)

Om Hrah (Padma Puran)

Om Hreem Namah (Skand Puran)

Facts of 7 Mukhi rudrakshya

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

General Benefits: -

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is the auspicious beads, blessed by the goddess Laxmi, removes long-standing miseries, bad luck, and the dearth of finance and bestows a person with wealth, richness, prosperity and good fortune. It is one of the significant Rudraksha for the businessman as well as investors to amplify success and a huge amount of profit in their business and helps servicemen and public administrators to achieve great success in their field. People from higher class families put this bead inside a box along with some cash to prevent the financial crisis. Whoever lost in the mental setup embarks a new beginning after wearing this bead and destroys all the enemies. So, the peaceful life with contentment, happiness, harmony in relationships are the vital part of this type of Rudraksha for the disciplined wearer. The wearer becomes nullified from the negative effect of Saturn that may lead to severe illness and death.

Spiritual Benefits

According to the Shiva Puran, the man who wears it will be cleaned from the deadly sins like crime, drug abuse, adultery. The powerful chakra known as Solar plexus chakra, associated with internal strength and power is energized thoroughly by wearing this bead.

Medicinal Benefits

As for its therapeutic value, it is considered to be a blessing for health-conscious people. It is found to be very helpful in maintaining the pain caused by arthritis. It is a divine power to fight against muscular pain and useful in treating all kinds of sexual diseases (most importantly for the impotence), heart problems, throat diseases, and leukemia.

Astrological Benefits

The main ruling planet for this type of Rudraksha is Saturn which is regarded as the lord of the justice depending upon a person’s thought, speech, and deeds in astrology. This type of the Rudraksha sublimates the negative effects of the Shani (Saturn) like the diseases of impotency, cold obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, long-lasting diseases, dearth, and worries.

Who should wear 7 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Seven mukhi Rudraksha are popularly used by professionals and business-minded persons of all types who are willing to achieve remarkable success in their profession and unexpected sum of profit from their business. If it is used along with eight mukhi Rudraksha, there will be a more pronounced effect. People suffering from the diseases of bone or arthritis shall find it very useful to control these problems if used properly. Therefore, one must take this Rudraksha or the mala of 54 + 1 or 108 + 1 with deep deference.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Price

The Seven mukhi Rudraksha is the most respectable, the most divine, and the most prominent form of Goddess Mahalaxmi which brings all the limitless wealth, relentless success, prosperity, and good luck. Knowing about the ruler of finance makes this bead highly desired all over the world for people of every profession. The main concluding factor to determine the price of this bead depends upon the size and origin of the bead. In Everest Beads Pvt. Ltd., we are featured with only Nepalese products which make it exceptionally more genuine and mystic. Highlighting about the size of beads to determine the price of beads, the bigger the size of the bead, the more will be the price of the bead. So, we are featured with 4 different kinds of seven mukhi Rudraksha based upon the size beads namely as small, medium, collector and large collector. Collector beads are the biggest in size, lustrous, well-defined symmetry and heavier beads with clear lines. These are the most powerful and exclusive beads of any particular beads found in nature that shows the manifestation of the quick result. The corresponding price of beads found in our company as per their size are given below:





Seven Mukhi Bead (Small)

$ 24


Seven Mukhi Bead (Medium)

$ 37


Seven Mukhi Bead (Collector)

$ 52


Seven Mukhi Bead (Large Collector)

$ 85

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha Mala Price

 A single bead of seven mukhi Rudraksha itself has a huge number of benefits from all the aspects but combining a larger number of beads or mala makes its benefits too great to be counted.  Our company has exceptionally genuine Rudraksha beads naturally grown in our religious land. To make it easily available to every enthusiastic person in this world, we are trying to make it more affordable as much as possible. The price of seven mukhi Rudraksha mala made from the small variant product is rated to be $ 600 in our company. If it must be made from collector-sized beads, it is going to cost a huge amount because of the amalgamation of a large number seven mukhi beads to make a perfect divine mala.