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The eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha is the divine gift to mankind which is a paradigm form of goddess Bhumi or mother Earth or also known as Dharti Devi and blesses the wearer with a profusion of wealth as well as strong immunity power to fight with all diseases.  The strength of endurance, patience, and tolerable capacity of goddess Bhumi is incomparable to anything and the wearer of this bead also displays the same capacity. The eighteen mukhi Rudraksha originated from Nepal is the most beautiful, efficient, original, and corresponding bead as described in our holy scriptures. The Rudraksha glorifies the wearer with abundance and success in all undertakings fulfilling all the desires and also brings back wealth, prosperity, and good luck. She is the goddess of utmost compassion who is always graceful towards living organism and nurturing divine energy towards humanity, no matter how brutal mankind evolve into. The goddess earth is the root foundation of all the crops, trees, foods, and other natural resources. 

                                                                                                                                                                 Fig: - Bhumi Devi

As per our ancient scriptures, it is mentioned that the earth was born from the sweat of Madhu and Kaitabh who are the two mighty and powerful demons. As a result of the extremely high heatwave from Sun or Surya Dev, their sweat gets dehydrated, and hence, the earth was formed, commonly known as ‘Medhani’.  Bhumi Devi is believed to be the consort of Varaha, the third avatar of Lord Vishnu, and considered to be the avatar of goddess Laxmi. When the ruthless demon Hiranyaksha stole goddess Dharti and hid her in the primordial water, trying to destroy all humankind from the earth. The Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Varaha avatar who battle against this demon and slays the demon by piercing him by his tusks. He then retrieved earth lifting out the cosmic ocean on his tusk and restored Bhumi Devi in her place at the universe maintaining dharmic form. The earth is also called ‘Pith’ and ‘Avani’ because she offers motherly love, affection, and care to one and all that may be a plant, animal or matter contained inside it. She doesn’t observe race, sex, and religious degree and blesses with pardon to all irrespective of sins committed which is her biggest virtue. The Gayatri mantra to worship Bhumi is as follow:

|| Om Vasundharaye Vidmahe

Bhutadhatraya dhimahi

Tanno Bhumih Prachodayat ||

Visually, this mystic bead has 18 straight lines around its periphery and has flat and oval in shape. It has a great power to connect with mother earth that helps the wearer to take a controlled and logical decision. When a person donates a part of his/her land, all the sins incurred by that will get washed away. As per scriptures, the land meant for growing feed cows or to construct a water tank or well should not be used for farming purposes. Furthermore, it is restricted to keep and place Shivalinga, a statue of goddess, Conch, Shaligram, flower, tulsi, camphor, sandalwood, Rudraksha mala, Kusha grass, Gorochan, books, and yantras on the earth before offering some support. The extreme negative waves are perceived at the time of eclipse and earthquake and regarded as very unfortunate as well as sinful act to dig earth at those times. It protects the unborn child and gives rise to a healthy baby if worn by a woman who is likely to have miscarriage or abortion.                                                                                                                              

The planet earth is the ruling planet for this type of mukhi. Those who are launching a major project or expanding any existing activity and expecting a major turnover in their business, they will find the experience of wearing this Rudraksha very rewarding. Entrepreneurs in real estate, manufacturing, and other big businesses achieve a great victory and success by possessing this Rudraksha. 

Beej Mantra: -

The mantra to be recited for the eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha according to the Holy Scriptures are: 

Om Hreem Hoom Eakatva Rupe Hum Hreem Om

Om Hreem Shreem Vasudhaye Swaha

Om Namah Shivaya  


Mahamrityunjaya Mantra


Ruling deity: - Bhumi Devi

Ruling Planet: - Earth

Wearing Day: - Monday

General Benefits

The nature of Bhumi Devi is enriched with tolerable energy of penance, stamina and composure etiquette, so does the wearer of this bead who is the master of goddess Bhumi. This Rudraksha provides extremely beneficial outcomes of Health, Strength, and Intelligence and transforms the person into strong, both physically as well as mentally. Because of its spiritual connection with Mother Earth, immense power and fulfillment of all the worldly desires are other rewards of this bead along with the abundance of these comforts. People who are feeling extremely lackadaisical, lazy, fatigue, and dullness will find them as an ebullient, energetic, and courageous personals without any anxiety and depression through a deep state of spiritual connection. Females who frequently face abortions in their life get very healthy and balmy remarks after wearing this Rudraksha and the pregnant women whose baby is waiting to born very soon are highlighted by loads of benefits. For the sharp businessman whose core effort is closely related to mother earth will be highly benefited from this mystic bead. Such businessmen are dealers of architects, contractors, stones, iron ore, gems, property dealers, builders, dealers of architects, contractors, stones, iron ore, gems, property dealers, builders, diamond merchants, agriculturists, farmers, merchants, agriculturists, farmers, etc. It is divine power for people engaged in real state, land deals, and for Civil engineers. 

Spiritual Benefits

The spiritual attainment of this mystic bead is very high because it can energize the Muladhara Chakra of the human body. This Chakra has been considered as the foundation of the energy body from where the Kundalini awakening inaugurates. This chakra governs the energy level of the body, power, and achievements. The wearer of this bead when engaged in Gayatri Sadhana will find it very useful to get into meditation with high concentration. This bead can extensively keep your body fit, hygienic, and helps to perform the well balanced yogic practice. Moreover, all the sin incurred by a person will get washed away. 

Medicinal Benefits

Primarily, it is cosmic energy to mitigate the effect of frequent abortions which adversely affect a woman. A child can be brought into a healthy and robust person full of stamina by safeguarding against diseases. It is a good tool for the musculoskeletal system that pacifies the symptoms related to obesity, piles, knee, legs, and bone pains as well. If a person is repeatedly subjected to the matter of tiredness, fatigue, laziness, anxiety, and stress, then this is excellent to boost the energy level of that person enriched with serenity. 

Astrological Benefits

As this Rudraksha is ruled by Bhumi Devi that makes its presiding planet as planet Earth and extremely beneficial for those spiritual persons who want to enlighten themselves by energizing Mooladhara Chakra for getting stability and abundance in life. That’s why this powerful bead soothes the imbalances of the earth element and Kapha dosha. 

Who should wear it?

The eighteen mukhi Rudraksha is specially blessed with the power of auspiciousness for persons trying to launch a new project or looking for an alteration of their line of business and should be worn by these people. It can be also worn by all people whose business or any kind of trade is closely linked with mother Earth. For instances, such businessman or entrepreneurs includes Civil engineers, real state dealer, builders, architects, contractors, diamond merchants, agriculturists, farmers, dealers of stones, iron ore, gems, or any other works related to the Earth and should be worn by these particular individuals

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